About us

Rumah Tiang 16 was established in May 2019 as a platform to help create awareness on Lenggong as a unique and very important tourist destination – focusing on its status as a UNESCO site that not many people able to relate with. Its archaeological importance goes beyond Malaysian border and contributing to the world’s history of mankind.

While a UNESCO site is naturally a tourist magnet, it is not the case for Lenggong. It is in our earnest intention that Rumah Tiang 16 be the platform to showcase the true beauty of Lenggong’s gems – from its world class archaeological wonders, pristine nature, rich culture and warm rural hospitality; all concocted harmoniously within the 3D2N Heritage Stay by Rumah Tiang 16 package that will leave you realizing that this valley is indeed “Malaysia’s best kept secret.”!

It is our sincere hope that with more awareness, more tourist will arrive which will definitely contribute to the local economy directly, change the mindset of the community on Tourism and ensure the valley is protected and preserved for future generations, not only Malaysians but the world.

Our Vision

To create awareness and make Tourism a viable economic return to Lenggong and her community.

Our Mission

  1. To drive tourists and fuel the local economy.
  2. To educate locals of its importance and turn them to become the “Keeper”.
  3. To preserve tradition and heritage.
  4. To inspire locals to pursue and acquire new knowledge
  5. To refine sense of harmony through “Cross-Culture-Stay-Experience”