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The Pattanis

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Experience Pattani Culture First Hand at Rumah Tiang 16

 Pattani Culture

The Pattani culture is endearing and places great emphasis on politeness and care for others, especially the elders. Thus frequently observed is the adherence to the “tumpang lalu” practised by the young when passing elders. Nash will share these common practices and maybe a story or two about his childhood memories enabling guests an insight into the unique Pattani culture.

Above all, an enduring trademark of the Pattani man is the versatile supik tangan. Guests at RT 16 will each be gifted with a rectangular batik piece of headgear right before the “Heritage Dinner”. Nash will be at hand to illustrate how it should be adorned. 

Pattani Culture

Guests are also encouraged to wear a sarong (provided in the room) for dinner. Clad in a comfortable sarong and the supik tangan majestically on the head, guests are ushered to partake in an enchanting dining-cum-theatre experience. A “penglipur lara” (story-teller) joins the space and chants stories of bygone eras. This traditional art of storytelling was once in vogue in the days of old. After dinner, the penglipur lara is invited to place his headgear on the ground. When filled with gifts such as fruits and toasted rice, the diagonally opposite ends of the headgear are tied into a knot. This headgear has been elegantly transformed into a hand carrier!

Given its prominence in the valley, Nash hopes that continuing practices of the culture of his ancestors will open the window to further knowledge and appreciation.