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SEA Today News 

Lenggong: Building Community, Preserving Identity

In Lenggong valley in northern Malaysia community-based tourism is developed to provide more benefits to the local community which then will also enliven the tourist experience.

Astro Awani

Special Documentary: What’s in Lenggong? (language in Bahasa Malaysia)

Walk with Wan 
“Perantau yang pulang” (“The explorer returns home”; language in Bahasa Malaysia) 
Production by WAR Films Sdn. Bhd.

Dokumentari Kenegaraan Seni Budaya & Warisan

Saudara Nash kembali ke tempat lahirnya di Lenggong Perak selepas puas mencari erti kehidupan sebenar di negara jiran. Beliau menceritakan tentang pengalamannya mengelilingi dunia dan setelah lebih dua dekad diperantauan beliau mula menyoal kehidupannya yang semakin jauh dari tanahair...

Channel NewsAsia
1 July 2022, 12:02 am

Lenggong Valley in Malaysia’s state of Perak was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2012. However, a lack of public awareness and interest in the archaeological findings there have made it a challenge to boost the site as a tourist destination. Melissa Goh with more.

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