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Rumah Tiang 16
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About Nash

Abdul Nasir Jalaludin (Nash)

Abdul Nasir Jalaludin (Nash) was born in Lenggong but moved to Ipoh from age 10 as his teacher-father wanted better educational opportunities for his children.

Wanderlust directed his life and career for 30 years. Successfully working in the hospitality industry, he circumvented the world, enjoying his single life.

However, twin events coincided to bring him to a halt – his father demise in 2014 and unsuccessful attempt to renew a PRC work visa in 2017. Together with his Chinese Muslim wife, ‘Aaisyah, he returned to the ancestral home in Lenggong that his father had built in 1974 and left empty over the years.

In 2012, Lenggong had been recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Nash unearthed  an archaeological and architectural heritage at his doorstep amidst the pristine nature of the valley – vibrant with lush greenery, rivers, caves – and the promise of a simple country-style life.

From 2019, Nash offers his beautiful Pattani house for homestays. He works alongside his community in various areas to promote the gems of Lenggong, his personal dream and aspiration being “to marry Lenggong’s archaeological wonders with the richness of its Pattani culture and pristine nature”.