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Community-based Tourism

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Ecosystem Tourism at Lenggong Valley

Ecosystem Tourism at Lenggong Valley

Community-based tourism attracts visitors because of  human interaction. Ecosystem tourism then comes into play. It draws both players – the host and the visitor – together as  they jointly partake in the endless adventures made available to them.

The former guides and informs, the latter learns and appreciates. Here ecosystem tourism is at its best, presenting win-win opportunities when the local community educates visitors about the priceless treasures of the heritage entrusted to its care.

Given the ideal setting of land, sea and nature, Lenggong Valley naturally – and seamlessly in fact – lends itself to the practice of ecosystem tourism. People, animals, plants and other organisms co-exist, working hand-in-glove with the bounties of the land. 

The result? A bubble of life!

The strategy is distinct but clear – deploying the central theme of ecosystem integrity with the aim of sustainable development. Nash and his team focus on this – enabling and facilitating responsible yet fulfilling expeditions to nature and natural sites which are conserved. Apart from exploratory walks, outdoor activities, such as hiking, river cruising and fishing, will reflect this symbiosis with the environment.

In the process, the well-being of the local people is sustained and enriched. In the light of climate change and global warming, amidst calamities including rampant wildfires and landslides, ecosystem tourism is a timely development. While its practice will enable the discerning visitor to appreciate the efforts put into place to sustain and maintain existing endeavours, it also opens the window to further discoveries.

To ensure that you get to share this experience, several facilities are readily available.

Boat rentals to explore waterways and scenic riversides

Boat rentals in Lenggong

Boat rentals in Lenggong

To cruise along the rivers of the valley, boat rentals are available either for individuals or groups. The 2-hour river ride along the Perak River and Tasik Chenderoh enables visitors to relax and savour the vistas before them – sprawling riverside kampung houses surrounded by lush greenery and sprawling hills, fisherfolks fishing, lotuses in full blooms and a dramatic sunset, even an echo chamber below the Raja Muda Nazrin Bridge.

Bohoiiri Mohd Nizar (Buii) started operations in October 2019 and is experienced in navigating the waters. With safety protocol in place (with life jackets), he will take you on an exploration of the second longest river in Peninsular Malaysia. You can also savour a delectable dinner after the river ride with the fresh catch of the day and local delights.

For booking, contact Buii at +60 13-478 6715.

Fishing expeditions for angling lovers

Fishing expeditions in Lenggong

The fishing enthusiast has chosen the right destination for his getaway sojourn. Get your gear, ask Roslan Abdul Rahman (Abang Lan) to tip you a good spot or two along the canals and creeks of Sungai Perak and Tasik Chenderoh and you can be off. 

Endless shades of green, pristine natural surroundings and a healthy ecosystem have dubbed Kampung Beng as the mini Amazon of Malaysia by seasoned anglers. By the way, the fish you catch (e.g., snakehead, peacock bass and hampala barb) can be your scrumptious dinner! And a conversation piece! 

If you are a serious angler, you might book to stay the night! 

Abang Lan: +6019 512 6404

Cycling tours through the enchanting valley

Cycling tour in Lenggong

The even terrain of the valley, supplemented by the presence of numerous cycling trails, is ideal for an excursion. Do so at your own leisure and explore any particular area that catches your fancy. The relative tranquillity of the area guarantees the cyclist peace of mind, both from physical mishaps and human-related mischief.

Hiking tours to get up-close and personal with Lenggong's pristine ecosystem

Hiking tour in Lenggong

It goes without saying that visitors to the valley have to sign up for a hiking expedition (whether short or more extensive) to some of the archaeological and heritage sites. You get to see at first hand these sites that renowned archaeologists laboured at to unearth their precious and priceless findings which have gifted this valley the award of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowhere else in Malaysia can you get so close to a place immortalised in history. 

You can also opt for hiking tours up plotted routes to hills and waterfalls in Lenggong. Nature’s beauty is truly spell-binding. Contact Elang at +6013-590 4406 and book your guide today for a route that suits you well.