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Day 1 

Package Deal Rumah Tiang 16

Package Deal Rumah Tiang 16

  • 12:30 pm: Arrival of guests with a full ceremonial Malay-style welcome protocol.
  • Check-in procedure with a home orientation tour.
  • Lunch – an introduction to authentic traditional kampung dishes.
  • A river bathing experience like no other – enjoy a cooling foot-soaking moment or plunge in for a refreshing dip.*
  • Backwater village tour with cottage industry visit (e.g., traditional pekasam making).
  • A sit-down heritage dinner – a “gastronomical time-tunnel” experience. (For dinner, guests are highly encouraged to wear sarongs available in their rooms. For those unfamiliar wearing it, a donning demonstration will be held by the host). A special “supik tangan” session will also be introduced.
  • Good night with a traditional bedak sejuk face mask – our fore-mothers’ beauty secret!

Day 2

AM Session

Package Deal Rumah Tiang 16

Package Deal Rumah Tiang 16

  • 8:30 am: Breakfast – together with the locals at a village “waterhole”, sample delicious traditional offerings such as “pek-nga” (coconut pancakes) or “kuih kundas” (fried “bread” parcels) with a savoury dip.
  • UNESCO sites visit: Heritage caves, a Paleolithic stone tool workshop and a wall of volcanic ash.
  • Savour a bona fide kampung-style lunch – with steamed white rice – served in a dangau (thatched roof hut) in an orchard. Relish a variety of dishes prepared using freshly harvested, fully-organic and pesticide-free produce from gardens and rivers. The meal is prepared by friendly locals.
  • See how some heritage arts and crafts are made and partake in traditional childhood games (if desired).

PM Session

Package Deal Rumah Tiang 16

  • Geopark sites visit: Masjid Raja (the second oldest mosque in Perak with special characteristics) and Telaga Biru (Lenggong’s very own “Fountain of Youth”!).
  • UNESCO site visit: The amazing suevite rocks.
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum (closed for renovation until further notice) or the Archaeological Research Centre to meet the famous Perak Man!
  • Embark on a scenic backwater lake cruise and witness fishing activities by the fisherfolk. Conclude the journey with a kaleidoscopic sunset* view accompanied by a serene call for the evening prayer from the village mosque.
  • Casual dinner with a rural fishing village menu: dine on the catch of the day at a home by the lake.

Day 3

  • 9:00 am: Sumptuous breakfast – a traditional home-cooked “Middle Kingdom” breakfast treat!
  • Heritage experience: See how bedak sejuk (rice beads for face mask) is made or how colours are applied onto batik.
  • 12:30 pm: Check-out
  • Departure: Till we meet again!

* if weather permits

To check availability, costs and other enquiries, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. List your name, contact details (email and telephone no.), dates required and number of pax. We will respond promptly.