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Lenggong Town

Lenggong Town

Lenggong Town, located in a valley in Ulu Perak, is flanked by the Bintang and Titiwangsa mountain ranges, about 44.8 kilometres north of Kuala Kangsar. Currently, it has a population of around 22,000. The town is believed to have flourished from tobacco production for decades beginning in the 1930s. A Chinese community then thrived and Malay-Chinese interaction resulted in the construction of an UMNO building before independence. A town mosque, Masjid Jamek Lenggong, was subsequently built in 1969 adorned with many miniature minarets.

Lenggong Town is a tranquil charming village – different types of kuih and roti canai garnering popularity as well as locally produced crafts and knick-knacks from Chinese sundry and gift shops.

It goes without saying that the Gallery Arkeologi Lenggong Valley (with a private gallery) is the priority highlight.

Visit Lenggong Town. Leave behind the bustle and hustle of frantic city living. Let the tranquillity of the laid-back town envelop and rejuvenate you.